Master's  Class Section

Master of Education

Proposal / Final  Defense

During the proposal/thesis defense for the Master's programPlease attach the Turnitin originality report of the thesis to the thesis defense committee, and ask the advisor and committee members to sign on the blank space at the bottom right of the report

Turnitin User Manual for Thesis Comparison System (Provided by Ming Chuan University Library).

Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree 5-Year Continuous Curriculum Regulations

Eligibility and Review Criteria for Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree 5-Year Continuous Curriculum Application for Each Department of Ming Chuan University

About 5-year continuous curriculum

A junior student who takes graduate courses in their senior year can obtain a master's degree one year after completing their undergraduate studies.

Eligibility for Application

University students who are in their third year of study or above (including third year students).
Application period: March and October every year

  • If applying before March, students can begin taking master's level courses in the next semester, which starts in September.
  • If applying before October, students can begin taking master's level courses in the next semester, which starts in February.


Bachelor's degree students who achieve a grade of 70 or above in a master's level course can apply to have the course credit exempted from their undergraduate degree requirements when they graduate. This exemption can be used to apply for credit transfer after admission to the master's program at the same university.

Application form

Please go to the Ming Chuan University homepage and select the Electronic Document and Form System. The path is as follows: Student Information System/Work Item/Electronic Form System/Undergraduate 5-Year Continuous Curriculum Application Form (Form No. 1457).

Qualification evaluation criteria

Written review materials: one copy of the academic transcript, one personal statement, and other supporting documents that may be beneficial to the application.
Written documentation accounts for 100%

Course Selection

After the credit recognition application is approved, students can take courses from the master's program in education in the next semester.Students who take the master's program entrance exam in their graduation year and pass it can obtain the qualification for the master's program.Obtaining a Bachelor's degree from this institution within the original period of graduationMaster's program students must submit 1. Credit transfer application form and 2. Transcript to the office within the first two weeks of the semester. 

Graduation Assessment